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Working a Program or Living in Abundance?

It is much to easy in today’s society to offend with the use of a word, term, or even a look.  Whether in politics or religion, if you grew up in the south as I did, you were taught that those were two subjects that were never discussed.  Unfortunately, substance abuse treatment methods and programs […]

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The Power of Self Care in Recovery

Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit is no easy task in this crazy rat race of life.  Effective self-care is especially difficult in recovery when one has grown so accustomed to abusing the body.  For most, the dysfunctional feelings of being malnourished, sleep deprived, and exposure to harmful chemicals can become somewhat normal.  […]

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Treatment, Success Rates, and Free Will

At Loaves and Fishes Counseling and Rehabilitation, our treatment approach is unique.  What makes it unique you may ask?  We do not follow a theorist, researcher, famous mental health professional, or a formalized curriculum. We also do not allow ourselves to be bogged down by bureaucratic red tape and treatment plans which are developed by […]