Love Lost In Struggle and Love Gained

I’ve lost so much in my struggle in life! 

You don’t realize it till it’s all gone 

There is no turning of time to do it all again 

You’re just stuck with the pain till the end 

I’ve come to my senses and found my Light

I didn’t think I would ever change 

But don’t give up there is hope for all 

Even when you might fall

After all we are God’s family

and I’ve come to realize He loves me

no matter what He sees

He will forgive thee, and love you

I believe there is hope in all of us 

Find love in your heart and believe in the Lord Jesus

and He will show you the path

It’s a hard path  But with faith in your heart He will guide you in your struggles in life

I’m not perfect but I believe in the Holy Father. 

If you follow Him, you will see your life will be humble and free

if you have faith in thee!

Written by Jeremy Schoolcraft

Loaves and Fishes has permission to publish this and use the author’s name.