"I arrived at Loaves and Fishes of Beaufort in December 2018 and spent 15 months in their addiction program. Through the Loaves and Fishes addiction program, I found sobriety and freedom in Christ, having been delivered from the chains of addiction that once bound me.

Loaves and Fishes helped me change how I saw the world. I no longer regard myself as a victim of society but a child of God, a responsible individual with potential and purpose. Before, I felt empty, continuously searching for anything to fill a void. But I recognized that only Jesus can fill that emptiness. I can finally be genuinely joyful and content regardless of the circumstances, trusting and knowing that He is faithful to those who follow Him. Before, I felt weak; I now have an inner power that I have never had before. I was irresponsible and selfish, but I am now driven by integrity, knowing that I have a purpose so much higher than myself. I cannot begin to express how God has blessed my life.

Since I graduated from Loaves and Fishes,

· I have completed an associate's degree in Human Services from Carteret Community College.

· I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree and plan to continue my education to receive a Master's degree in Social Work so I can give others the hope that I needed so badly. Hope that I receive from the wonderful people at Loaves and Fishes.

· I have also been Certified as a Peer Support Specialist and work with others struggling with substance use and mental health issues.

· I have gotten married to a wonderful woman;

· earned Custody of my daughter;

· restored so many of the relationships that I had ruined;

· have been completely sober for 3+ years and counting.

Entering Loaves and Fishes was a life-changing experience for me. I've personally experienced God's mercy and grace. I have sensed His holy presence in my life and the peace and joy from believing Him. The individuals at Loaves & Fishes showed me the grace and love of Christ. I will always be thankful to Loaves and Fishes for their assistance. There is hope for recovery." - Sloan Lamb


Ethan Robinson's Testimonial

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"Loaves & Fishes saved my life

Hello everyone my name is Dain and I was an addict for 16 years. It became the only way I knew how to live and get through each day, but it eventually caught up with me. I had been trying to do things my way for my entire life thinking who’s going to know what’s best for me besides myself. I was miserably wrong with this assumption. It took me to the point of my friendships falling apart, my career falling apart, my family drifting away, my wife drifting away, and any chance of me being a good father drifting away.

I was thousands of miles from home on my wife's 30th birthday celebration with all of our closest friends for the misery of my life come to a climax. My wife was pleading with me to let her know what was going on in my head when I finally had the strength to tell her of my addiction struggles and that I had basically had enough of this life and didn’t know how I was going to go on. She immediately put me on a plane with her and flew us back to North Carolina to take me to a facility that was not like anything I had experienced before. This place that was going to save my spiritual and physical life was called Loaves & Fishes. There were no doctors, no drugs, no hospital settings … just god’s love to heal a lifetime of misery.

For the first week I acted like a child deep in a pit of my own self pity. When one night I truly gave up and lay on my hands and feet and cried out to God for his help and I was ready to accept him. I had a vivid dream that night I was back in town with all my old friends doing the same old thing, when the drugs came out. I got up from the table we were around and said this is not my life anymore. I awoke from this dream in a pool of sweat with something I had not felt before. This gaping hole in my heart I had spent my life trying to fill with possessions, alcohol, and drugs was being filled by something else. Something so much greater. A love for me that had always been there but I had not excepted. A love for me that was so great it rewired the way I think.

This love was there for me when I was at my absolute darkest and saw no light. This love has changed my life. I want everyone out there to know you do not have to struggle on your own, there is help for you from the love of a father that wants nothing but you to live a joyous fulfilled life. " - Dain


"My new beginning! Eight months ago, l entered the Loaves & Fishes Substance Treatment Program. My life was at my lowest point, I realized I can't do it on my own. My substance was Alcohol. Plus, l was going though grief of a good friend. Thanks to Pastor David Bruce and his church and his Staff and Shannon and fellowship. My life did a 360 degree turn by the Power of the LORD Jesus Christ. Now I look at life in a whole different light. The grass is much greener on other side of the fence. I have been Blessed in Life by the Blessings of the Lord! And my new Lovely Wife! Thank you for all you did for me in my life Loaves & Fishes. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. Amen." - Shawn Brown

shawn brown

David Wheeless' Testimony on March 1st, 2020

"I can't thank Loaves and Fishes enough for helping me find refuge in the Lord and how to live life soberly. My life was hanging by a thread when I walked in. I spent half of my 30 years strung out on opiates - the common story of pills leading to shooting up heroin; the same way many of my friends did who are sadly no longer able to make a change in their lives. In the year that I spent here, I have been given support and love like I have never known before. The staff here are great people, and they all have fought addiction and turned their lives around. You are supported by people who know the same battle you may find yourself in. The outpouring love the community of Beaufort gives all of us who come through Loaves and Fishes is beautiful. I found a family here. Through counseling and biblical study, I have learned to be the father and husband I should be for my family. I know it's scary leaving home and coming to a new place where you don't know anybody, but these people will do nothing but lift you up, love you, and support your recovery. I owe the complete transformation I have experienced to the Lord, but I cannot express enough gratitude to the Loaves and Fishes family for showing me the way to Him. If you need to change your life, come here before it's too late. These people will provide help like no other." - Austin Daly