David Wheeless' Testimony on March 1st, 2020

"I can't thank Loaves and Fishes enough for helping me find refuge in the Lord and how to live life soberly. My life was hanging by a thread when I walked in. I spent half of my 30 years strung out on opiates - the common story of pills leading to shooting up heroin; the same way many of my friends did who are sadly no longer able to make a change in their lives. In the year that I spent here, I have been given support and love like I have never known before. The staff here are great people, and they all have fought addiction and turned their lives around. You are supported by people who know the same battle you may find yourself in. The outpouring love the community of Beaufort gives all of us who come through Loaves and Fishes is beautiful. I found a family here. Through counseling and biblical study, I have learned to be the father and husband I should be for my family. I know it's scary leaving home and coming to a new place where you don't know anybody, but these people will do nothing but lift you up, love you, and support your recovery. I owe the complete transformation I have experienced to the Lord, but I cannot express enough gratitude to the Loaves and Fishes family for showing me the way to Him. If you need to change your life, come here before it's too late. These people will provide help like no other." - Austin Daly