About Us

Loaves and Fishes began in 2009 when a group of local pastors started to think about the ways to meet their community’s needs and develop a network for Christian churches, organizations and individuals to work together. Through hard work, determination and collaboration, we are proud to support a variety of ministries and provide a treatment program for those suffering from addictions.

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Open Water Medical – Dr. Kerry Willis

Dr. Willis and the staff at Open Water Medical have volunteered their time and services to our residents since 2016. Thanks to Dr. Willis, hundreds of male residents have received free doctor’s visits and consultations.

Dr. Willis also volunteers his time by doing weekly devotions with our guys. We are very thankful for his support for our ministry.

Beaufort Vision Clinic – Dr. Patrick Patterson

We are very grateful for Dr. Patterson and the services he provides for our clients. Out of the kindness of his heart, Dr. Patterson provides free eye exams for all of our residents.

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