It is much to easy in today’s society to offend with the use of a word, term, or even a look.  Whether in politics or religion, if you grew up in the south as I did, you were taught that those were two subjects that were never discussed.  Unfortunately, substance abuse treatment methods and programs are not exempt from the same scrutiny.  There are as many programs and methods of treatment out their as there are opinions about which works the best.  Fromm AA and NA, to Medication Assisted Treatment and faith-based programs, the options are overwhelming.

At Loaves and Fishes Counseling, we have spent years developing a comprehensive, holistic treatment program that allows an individual to heal, regain their confidence, and begin to build a better future.  We accomplish this without teaching our patients that addiction is a life sentence.  “Once an addict, always an addict”, is not a philosophy that is rooted in solid research nor is it the case for those who have truly reached sustainable recovery.

Through a comprehensive treatment plan, each of our patients are treated with a person-centered approach using the latest evidence based practices as well as the Word of God.  It is the latter that allows our patients to begin to rebuild a foundation that leads to lasting recovery.  The Scriptures tell us that when an individual dies to self and surrenders to Christ, then a new person is birthed.  When the new man is birthed, it is then that he can begin to build upon this new foundation.  As one builds, the individual is able to lean on the strength that can only come from a relationship with Christ.

Our goal is for the patient to leave our program fully dependent on Christ, not a program, a group, or medication.  It is our desire to see our patients live an abundant life free from labels and stigma.  We understand that sobriety comes in many forms and are thankful that so many have found lasting recovery; however, the question is asked time and time again, “What makes Loaves and Fishes different?”  The difference is freedom in Christ.  Through the knowledge found in the Word of God, our graduates are equipped with the power to move forward in their recovery without the mentality that they are still “addicts”.  That dark cloud or label is no longer attached to their lives.  In this, they can proclaim without hesitation, “I am truly free!”.

If we can help you or someone you know, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our qualified therapists.  They are always eager to help individuals and families as they begin their journey to lasting recovery.