You Can Do All These Things Lord

I am in awe of the miracle of new borne life which You have done billions of times – each one different.  Lord, give me the rebirth and create me as a recommitted follower. 

Only you can create the serenity of a forest glen.   Give me that same peace and harmony in my soul.

You have created the beauty and expanse of a Carolina blue sky.  Even though my days are numbered, your love stretches as far and wide. 

You have set in place millions of stars in a perfect nighttime canvas.  Even in the darkness, when we see the moon, we know it’s reflecting You, the Son.

You create the mountain streams that tumble down to the sea.  Like a water fall that never ceases, your love continues to gush forward to us. 

You created the Universe with no end.  You are everywhere at once and all powerful!

The ocean tides ebb and flow regularly to Your clock.  Your love is as constant and predictable as the tides of the sea.

Your love is like a gentle spring of cool, fresh water.  But your wrath is like ocean waves pounding the beach in a fierce storm.

We are in awe of You, Creator.  All we have to do is open our eyes to see these miracles.  We are called to take up our crosses, believe and follow You.  Amen. 

Created by 8 men at Loaves and Fishes.  July 14, 2021.