One question that is asked many times from those on the outside of addiction, “Why can’t my loved one just get fixed? They’ve tried AA, NA, detox programs, and even been to insurance funded inpatient programs! It seems that things just never get better.”

This is a common question we  hear on a regular basis. Addiction is very misunderstood  by the outside world.  Many families and addicts don’t want to acknowledge the problem. Addiction continues to increase and the answers seem to be uncertain. However, our ministry, Loaves and Fishes comes from a different approach than  conventional psychotherapeutic programs. We believe that a person can radically change, not just maintain a life of sobriety. Loaves and Fishes helps those who suffer from addiction to understand the “hurt” and treats the physical aspects of addiction dependency by adopting Christian practices.

Here is how our Christ-centered treatment is different:

-When one realizes they are wonderfully made by God, they can better understand that they are children of a loving God who wants what is best for them.

-No matter what theyhave done, in the world of addiction, if we repent (or turn from our old self) and want to change ourselves, God is faithful to help us.

-Daily devotions, group therapy, and a church family are crucial to building a new life apart from drugs or alcohol. This re-enforcement through prayer and worship help us to better understand God, which in turn helps us understand who we are.

-Our staff, volunteers, and local churches that support us love the men and want to support them in their journey to recovery.

-Living in a small group home helps people to learn how to live drug free with others who are learning the same. No matter the circumstances, the men realize that they share a common need: to be clean and to grow closer to God.

-The differences in men allow them to better understand that the world can be viewed from different points of view, which breaks down barriers that maybe have hindered someone’s recovery.

In essence, our methodology towards addiction works because our men can grow in their faith in Christ at their own speed. With interaction with staff (who have been through the same struggles), the community, and a church family, a person is given the opportunity to become a new person. Not only to quit drugs, but to also live a more fulfilled and purpose-driven life.

God Bless to those who are suffering from addiction and the families that are affected by this epidemic.

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Bradley Crabb

Discipleship Director