Touch Us In Our Misery

Our addiction has led to our personal destruction.  We are sad and regret we have wasted so much time and resources.  We are miserable.  This has led us to broken homes; broken personal relationships; and family dysfunction.

Our Confessions

We are all sinners who have fallen short of Your expectations, God.

Our sins make us feel shameful.  We regret it.  We feel unwanted.

But the Good News is that if we confess our sins; ask for Your forgiveness; not just words from our lips but how we think and act from our heart.  You will forgive us.  Jesus Christ’s blood redeems us of our sins.  We are Your sons in the Kingdom.  

Help us to be mindful that You, Lord, will give us all we need.  We don’t want to waste our resources on selfish things.  We have been foolish, stiff necked and stubborn.

Riches can’t buy happiness for they are short lived.  We can’t buy eternal happiness with you, Lord.

To keep our feet from backsliding, we must stay in the Word, pray and surround ourselves with people that truly follow You.

Great Joy!

Thank you for our redemption and giving us hope.  

We see the path and the Light.  We were dead and now we are alive.

Thank you, Father for forgiving my sins.  

This psalm is reflection on the Parable of The Lost Son (The Prodigal Son) in Luke 15: 11-32.  This was written by 8 men at Loaves and Fishes, on August 11, 2021.