The Seduction

O’ Lord, we’re bombarded with tons of messages each day.  To buy this or that.  To achieve success, do this.  Be a millionaire and you’ll be happy.  Some of the world pulls us toward evil; lust and sex for women; drugs and alcohol to escape and “have fun”; greed; getting what we want no matter the cost.  Thinking we must have far more money and things than we need. 

The Lesson

For the love of money and possessions is the root of all kinds of evil.  Anything that places God second – like money or things – becomes an idol, a god.  None of this can buy happiness. When you die you can’t take it with you.  Getting everything we can get our hands on, we will still have a “void”, the hole in our soul, that only Jesus Christ can fill.

The Change

We have to change the way we think.  O’ Lord teach us  to not be conformed to his world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Speak to us God.  What is Your will for our lives? 

Help us to remember whether we have a lot or a little, God will provide.  “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”. 

Follow the Lord.  Take the door Jesus guides you to.  We have to put our minds on godly things instead of the ways of this world. 

We pray to learn to be happy with what we have.  Pay it forward. Help others as you have been helped.  Deny ourselves and follow Jesus.  Amen.

Reflecting on Romans 12: 2, 1 Timothy 6: 9-10 and Philippians 4: 11-13.

Written by 7 men in Loaves and Fishes on August 18, 2021.