God, You Pulled Me From The Pit

I Was Lost

Drugs have destroyed my being and my whole life and everything in it.

Alcoholism has destroyed my life.   

I am like a broken vessel.  

Fear was all around me.

I realize now how grateful I should have been with what I had. 

The Petitions

Lord, take away from me these cravings and fears of relapse.

Lord give me the HOPE for a continued new beginning and the blessings I once had but have lost.  

Continue to watch over us, your children.  

You are the Good Shephard and we are your sheep. Let us hear your voice Lord.

Give me the gift of wisdom like you did Solomon.  Lord, make me more humble. 

May I think through with my mind and not with my mouth.  

Teach me to mediate on your teachings, Lord. 

The Praises

Praise be to you Lord, for being the light in the dark tunnel. 

Lord, I am so grateful for the new chances in life that Loaves and Fishes gives us.  

Thank you for giving me the strength to get through the tough times and not giving up. 

Thank you, Lord for providing the strength, the shelter, the food and the fellowship we need.

Thank you, God for sending us wisdom and people to share it with us.  

You, Lord God, you are our God.  Amen.

Written by five men in the Loaves and Fishes program, June 9, 2021.