The Darkness And The Light
Lord, we have made the decision to learn and follow you. Our addiction plunged us into Darkness. We
thought we were hiding as we tried to keep our sins and activities secret from those around us.
We are plain tired out of living in the dark. Sometimes we were at the point of just giving up.
But you know everything, Lord, before we speak. We are in the Light and we want to put all this
“stinking thinking” behind us. Teach us to pray.
May we learn what the Bible teaches. Help us to learn to make changes in ourselves. May we learn to
trust YOU, Lord.
Our Confession
You don’t want our lip service Lord. You want us to repent for our sins and put all this behind us.
We are learning “what to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ” means. Thank you, God, for the
sacrifice of Your only Son for the sins of the world. For my sins 2,000 years later.
The Victory!
Day by day we change and learn about your love. We want your forgiveness, to accept it and move
forward. Put all the garbage out to the curb.
Reflecting on Matt 5: 8; 1 John: 5-10; Mark 7: 20-22

Written by 8 men in Loaves and Fishes, August 23, 2021